Create offset custom names

Using TRW super shadow font and design space to create custom names for tumblers

TRW Super Shadow Font

Super Shadow Font

Cricut Design Space

cricut design space


step 1

Step 1

Download and Install the TRW Super Shadow Script Font to your computer.

step 2

Step 2

Open Cricut design space and type your custom text on the canvas.

step 3

Step 3

Type the same name with each font included in the TRW Super Shadow font package (total 3 times) or copy and paste the name and change the font.

step 4

Step 4

Change the color to easily see each font and ungroup all the letters. Select the text and right click on it to click on ungroup.

step 5

Step 5

Select all the same letters from each different font and click align center. (hold shift and select each letter) Repeat for all the letters in your text.

step 6

Step 6

Highlight all of the same letters and move them closer to each other. Repeat for all the letters in your text.

step 7

Step 7

Click on all the letters of the same color hold shift to keep the layer you selected and right click on the text to weld them together. Repeat for all 3 font types.

step 8

Step 8

Separate all the layers for cut ready and you are done. 

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