Caroline - Call Center

Would you like to get to know the people behind your tech support? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place! This month, we're celebrating a member of our Call Center. Caroline has been an outstanding addition to our customer service team. She not only goes the extra mile to provide wonderful support, but she has also helped us get our website nicely polished for the best user experience. Thank you, Caroline!

Caroline EOM

Caroline has some words to share!

I’ve always been around the water; my nickname growing up was actually “Little Mermaid” because I never left our pool. My dad, when we were younger, would take us out on sunset boat rides and we would spend hours at Jewfish or Egmont Key. When I got older, one of my brothers and I would enter fishing tournaments and that has got to be one of the best memories I have growing up. My mom introduced me to horses at a very young age, and when I was 7 I entered my first show. I became addicted and after extensive training and many other competitions, I went to AQHYA Worlds in Oklahoma City. After Worlds, I rode more as a hobby and made great friends along the way. Fast forward a few years, I met the love of my life. Time stopped and I became so crazy about this man. Here we are, a few months later, married!

We asked Caroline some fun questions! Check out her answers below.

Q:     What do you like about your job?

Caroline:     The people I work with!

Q:     How long have you been with TRW?

Caroline:     Since November 2020.

Bri:     Wow... time flew.

Caroline:     I know, right?

Q:     If you could decorate anything with rhinestones, what would it be?

Caroline:     Ummm... A cup. I feel like I would use a cup the most, yeah. [laughs]

Q:     Are you a morning person?

Caroline:     It depends. If I have something exciting to look forward to, yes. If it's a normal day, no.

Both:     [Laughter]

Q:     Who is your favorite superhero?

Caroline:     [Gasps] That's hard. 

Bri:     Right? I said the same thing.

Caroline:     Oh my gosh, no. That's actually really hard. Ummm... Shoot, I don't know! My mom? [laughs]

Q:     Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Caroline:     Coffee.

Bri:     I knew you were going to say that.

Caroline:     [Laughs] I do like tea, but I prefer to get my caffeine from coffee!

Q:     Who inspires you?

Caroline:     My little brother. He's pretty cool.

Q:     What's your favorite sport?

Caroline:     To watch? Either football or hockey. To play--I'm very uncoordinated so I'm not very good. I like to say I used to be good at kickball in elementary school. [laughs]

Q:     What kind of music do you listen to?

Caroline:     Oh my gosh, everything! I don't listen to heavy metal as much as everything else. My favorite genre is probably lo-fi, because it's super calming.

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